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Nov 1, 2009 9:30am EST
of the virus amo students. some aricans now question whether the obama administtion is up to haning what could beme a major public health emergency. opnents of the presint's health care reform say the vaccine shortagis proof the government shouldn'te in the health ce business. thisidn't stop speak nancy pelosi and hou democrats from unveiling a health care reform bill on thsday that includes both a public tion and an expansioof medicaid. but a w survey finds support among women for the publ option may be wang. the majority of women rveyed y they're pleased wi their currenhealth insurnce and do noagree that a federally run health care program the answer another study finds me than half of all medical bankruptcies are filed by wen, most of whom had some form of insurance. >>> so congresswoman norto, is thishortage, and the handling the shortage youbout the obama administration, proof that the governme shouldn'te in the health care biness? >> oh,o, the receson is doing justine. it's the private sector that' growg the vaccine and the egg seemo be on their own timetable. >> bonnie, therehould be l
Nov 14, 2009 10:30am EST
sent to president obama must drastically restrict abortion access. >> bonnie: dr. healy, you're a pro-choice republican independent, and how do you feel about this issue? i've seen this week several websites ran piece by women saying, you know, we're just deserting the party, we're done with the democrats. do the democrats deserve that if this gets past into law? >> i think the secondary issue is, yes, they do deserve it, but the more important issue -- here i'm speaking as a doctor -- is that this is utterly tragic. i mean, the issue of women's choice is a health issue. it is about her, her doctor, her god, if that's an issue, and i think that to rip apart something that has been a det delicate detante after roe v. wade, and to split apart, to open up this issue is a disservice to women, a disservice to the country. i will tell you i've been at the bedside in a preroe v. wade time of girls butchered in back alley abortions. i saw o girl almost die, another one have a brutal surgery. this is a serious of women's health. i never thought i would live to see the day when this issue would
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2